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Write Your Best Book

Apr 24, 2020


Episode 17

How to Write Amazing Book Descriptions


Aside from a professional-quality book cover, your book’s blurb/description is likely THE most important element you must nail down if you want to sell copies to more than just your mom, sister, and cousins. Think of it from a reader’s perspective. After they’re drawn in by your amazing cover, the very next thing they’ll do is click on the link to read your description. If it doesn’t captivate, enthrall, and intrigue the reader, they may not even read the entire description, let alone buy your book. So it’s crucial to have a well-written description on your Amazon page and on the back cover of your book.


In this episode, you will:


  • Learn why great descriptions are crucial to book sales
  • Learn whether you can use the same copy for your description AND your back cover
  • Learn what MUST be included in your description if you want to be a bestseller
  • Learn what to avoid to prevent authors from clicking away from your book


Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host –  Bryan Cohen


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