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Write Your Best Book

Jul 24, 2020

If you’ve done any marketing at all for your books, you’ve likely heard the term “lead magnets.” But I’m not sure everyone really understands exactly what lead magnets are or how to use them properly. In fact, so many of my clients have asked me, “What on earth can we use as a lead magnet for our readers?” And that’s a good question. So, this week, I’ve brought on THE man when it comes to book marketing, the one, the only JEFF GOINS! On this episode, Jeff and I sat down and discussed all things lead magnet, including how to use them effectively and even some ideas on some we can create for our audience of readers.


In this episode, you will:


  • Learn what lead magnets really are
  • Learn what purpose lead magnet serve
  • Learn some types of reader lead magnets you can create
  • Lean how to effectively use lead magnets to grown your subscriber list


Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host – Jeff Goins


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