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Write Your Best Book

Aug 28, 2020

Most authors know by now that we should have a website to promote our books and that the site should include a blog, but I don’t think all authors know the WHY behind needing a blog. I also am asked quite often how to start a blog and what to write for an author blog. So, this week, I went out and found the absolute best person I could to talk to us all about author blogs and how they can help us promote our books. So, sit tight, hit PLAY, and listen to my discussion with Author Marketing Expert, Rachel Thompson and I talk all things blog.


In this episode, you will:


  • Learn what an author blog typically covers
  • Learn why you MUST have an author blog
  • Learn some ideas on blog post topics
  • Learn how you can use your awesome blog to sell your books


Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host – Rachel Thompson (Bad Redhead Media)


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