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Write Your Best Book

Mar 12, 2020


Write Your Best Book, Episode 11


If you’re anything like me, you can write a 60, 70, 80 thousand word book no problem. But ask me to write one specific sentence (like the opening of the novel, a pitch, etc.), and I begin to sweat and go into panic mode. Why is it that we freak out over writing one little sentence when our whole career is all about writing creatively? Well, possibly the most important one sentence you’ll ever have to write is the hook for your book description and/or back cover blurb. So I’m sitting down with Author Coach Rob Eagar, and he’s going to ease our minds and help us get past the panic mode and write a compelling hook.


In this episode, we will:

  • Learn exactly what we mean when we say “hook”
  • Learn how important it is to have a compelling hook
  • Learn ways to think up an effective hook
  • Learn how hooks can be the key factor in a reader’s decision to buy a book


Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host – Rob Eagar


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Book Plug of the Week – MIDNIGHTH TOUCH by L Ann


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